2023 Known Sequences

Every year, the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) releases the known programmes for each category. Regardless of category, each pilot must fly their known sequence for the category they’re flying. Click a category below to view the upcoming sequences.

Mike Tryggvason entering the box in his Giles 202

Click one of the buttons above to view the known sequence.

Designing Your Freestyle

If you are flying Sportsman or above, you have the option to create your own free programme. A free programme, “free” for short has to meet a specific set of criteria in terms of K factor (total sequence score/difficulty with a minimum set of figures from specific families ex. a hammerhead belongs to family 5.2 and is worth 17K. Free design is an art and science.

You want it to flow well and present well for the airplane you fly, but you also need to thinking about positioning in the box, energy management and aircraft performance under varying conditions. Your free should be a sequence that you know like the back of your hand. Competition aerobatics is a game of chess in some ways, but it’s not a defensive sport, you have to think about how you fly and what works for you, but also presents nicely. Free design could be a book on its own so we won’t get into the details here. In simple terms, you want to score the maximum amount of points during your free because it can help move you up the rankings because it contributes to your final score.