The Aerobatic Box

Flying in the aerobatic box can be challenging especially in windy conditions. Knowing where you are at all times requires practice, coaching and anticipating where you need to be to fly the next figure so it presents the way you want it. Below includes information on the aerobatic box and the category limits.

The aerobatic box is the area in which aerobatic competitions take place. It is a block of air 1,000 meters (3,281 feet) long by 1,000 meters wide.  The upper and lower limits of the box are set based on the category a competitor is flying in.  The competitor has to stay within the lateral limits of the box and within the height limits. The lower limits of the box are, for safety reasons, strictly enforced. During competition there are boundary judges in place that determine when a competitor leaves the box. Boundary infringement penalties are subtracted from the pilot’s overall score.

Lower Box Limits:
1500′ AGL: Primary and Sportsman Categories
1200′ AGL: Intermediate
656′ (200m) AGL: Advanced
328′ (100m) AGL: UnlimitedUpper Box Limits:
3280′ (1000m) AGL: Unlimited
3609′ (1100m) AGL: Advanced
3500′ AGL: All Others
Lower Box Limits:
1500′ AGL: Sportsman
1200′ AGL: Intermediate
656′ (200m) AGL: Advanced & UnlimitedUpper Box Limits:
3937′ (1200m) AGL: Unlimited and Advanced
4000′ AGL: All Others